Sen. Rick Scott: President Biden and the International Community Can’t Ignore the Crimes of Cuban Regime

December 10, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released the following statement after the illegitimate communist Cuban regime illegally detained several freedom activists from UNPACU, including Daniel Ferrer, the son of the organization's courageous leader Jose Daniel Ferrer, for peacefully demonstrating in recognition of International Human Rights Day. Senator Scott stands with the brave people of Cuba and every political prisoner unjustly detained by Castro and Diaz-Canel, and is urging President Biden, the international community and human rights organizations in Europe and across the world to join him in this fight.


Senator Rick Scott said, “This morning, in an act clearly rooted in its paralyzing fear of the powerful movement for freedom and democracy growing across the island, the illegitimate communist Cuban regime deployed its thugs to kidnap Daniel Ferrer and other freedom activists demanding the release of his father, José Daniel Ferrer, as well as the rest of the political prisoners held by the regime. Every day we the see new and terrible crimes against humanity and atrocities committed by the Castro and Diaz-Canel regime, and yet President Biden stays silent. How much more will it take for this administration and the international community to react? President Biden should be leading the free nations of the world in the fight to defend and protect human rights, freedom and democracy, but instead he's shamefully hiding. Appeasement has never worked and it's not working now. Joe Biden needs to show up to let the world see America's dedication to freedom. He needs to demand the release and humanitarian medical attention for all held by the illegitimate communist regime. It's time for action. The people of Cuba can't afford to keep waiting.”