Sen. Rick Scott to America’s Supply Chain Leaders: Let’s Work Together to Get America Back on Track

November 1, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott sent a letter to America’s supply chain leaders thanking them for their hard work to keep the American economy running during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In his letter, Senator Scott highlights his concerns with the Biden administration’s disastrous policies and socialist agenda which has imposed unconstitutional vaccine mandates and created labor shortages, causing a massive supply chain crisis and further fueling inflation that’s hurting America’s poorest families. Senator Scott is requesting input from these leaders on the challenges they’re facing and what solutions can be implemented to help families across America get what they need.


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November 1, 2021


Dear Mr. Connor, Mr. Spear and Mr. Shay:


I’d first like to thank you for your incredible work throughout this pandemic. America’s truck drivers are like the offensive linemen of America’s supply chain – often overlooked but absolutely essential to get things moving. My adopted father was a truck driver. Anyone who has driven trucks or been close to someone in that line of work knows how demanding the job can be. It’s hard work and it’s one of the most critical jobs in our country. As I’m sure you know, America has been battling a truck driver shortage for quite some time and we can’t afford to lose any more.


Restoring our supply chains is critical to getting the American economy rolling again, and something President Biden doesn’t seem to understand. In a weak economy where simply keeping shelves stocked is an everyday challenge, losing workers in almost any critical industry will have catastrophic impacts across our supply chains and drive prices higher. But, for the last nine months, instead of creating a friendly business environment to ensure a strong rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic, President Biden has added burdensome regulations that have only stifled business growth. These failed policies, coupled with lingering employment issues due to the Democrats’ failed policies of paying people more to stay at home than go back to work, have energy prices surging and inflation raging.


I’ve been hearing from businesses and families across Florida who are seeing the effects of President Biden’s inflation crisis firsthand. Seafood restaurants in Miami are seeing price increases of 50-60% on fish. Furniture stores in Florida are seeing wait times of six to eight months before they can deliver certain products. And Florida grocery stores are warning of product shortages as customers are starting to see empty shelves. Small business owners and families aren’t able to afford those kinds of drastic increases and delays, but if President Biden has his way those transportation difficulties are going to become even worse and prices will rise even higher.


As a United States Senator and a member of the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee, as well as the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, I am deeply concerned with the total lack of awareness for the harmful policies, mandates and rhetoric under the disguise of “Build Back Better” coming from the Biden administration. As a prominent group that represents American workers, I would like your input on the following:


  • What federal regulations has this administration put in place that are most hindering your industry’s ability to function at full capability?
    • What can we do in Congress to help alleviate these problems?


  • How have rising energy prices and rising inflation impacted your industry?


  • How have increased federal unemployment insurance and generous new federal benefits for able-bodied adults, which have encouraged more people to remain out of the workforce, affected your industry’s ability to hire?


I look forward to your responses as we work together to address these supply chain shortages caused by President Biden and his administration’s failed policies and find real solutions to help the American people. I’ll do everything I can to ensure your members have every opportunity to succeed and live the American dream.




Rick Scott

United States Senator


cc: Michael Rubin, President and Chief Executive Officer, Florida Ports Council


cc: Alix Miller, President and Chief Executive Officer, Florida Trucking Association


cc: Scott Shalley, President and Chief Executive Officer, Florida Retail Federation