PHOTO RELEASE Sen. Rick Scott Holds Press Conference on Biden’s Growing Border Crisis in Yuma, Arizona

November 23, 2021

YUMA, Ariz. – Today, following his visit to the southern border, Senator Rick Scott joined local leaders and law enforcement at the Morelos Dam in Yuma, Arizona to discuss the Biden administration’s disastrous open border policies that have resulted in a record-breaking 1.7 million apprehensions of immigrants illegally entering the United States. Yesterday, Senator Scott announced his Upholding the Law at Our Border Act to require the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security to investigate the vetting and processing of migrants apprehended along the southwest border and to ensure that all laws are being upheld.


Senator Rick Scott said, “I've visited the southern border four times since being elected—including two trips to Arizona this year alone. During these trips I've come away with two big issues. The first is that our border patrol and local law enforcement here in Arizona and across the entire country are absolutely heroes. Here in Yuma, border patrol is encountering illegal aliens every day, some of which are dangerous criminals or cartel members. While it's clear they aren't receiving the respect they deserve from the White House and Democrats in Washington, I am honored to have this opportunity to thank them and be their partner and voice in Congress.


“The second issue is what everyone has seen so clearly this year—Joe Biden's open border and amnesty policies have been a total disaster for our nation. Biden is simply laying out a welcome mat for human traffickers and savage cartels bringing drugs and crime to our communities, and blatantly ignoring U.S. laws and policies that were intentionally designed to keep America safe. We can't let this stand any longer. The folks here in Yuma and all across our southern border need help. Our law enforcement needs help. There's only one place to start—we must SECURE THE BORDER and give these brave men and women every resource they need to keep us safe. Every day that Biden and DHS Secretary Mayorkas fail in that mission, they are failing the American people.”


Since being elected to the U.S. Senate, Senator Scott, who serves on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, has visited the Southern U.S. border to address growing concerns regarding border security: