IN CASE YOU MISSED IT… Sen. Rick Scott in El Nuevo Herald: Democracy in Latin American is Key to Defeating Communist China’s Influence

November 30, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In case you missed it, Senator Rick Scott wrote an op-ed for El Nuevo Herald highlighting the importance of freedom and democracy in Cuba and across Latin America in combatting the influence of Communist China in the region. While the Biden administration and the international community remain silent and refuse to act, Senator Scott continues to proudly stand with the people of Cuba demonstrating in the streets against the oppression of the illegitimate communist Cuban regime and all throughout Latin America fighting for freedom.

In the 
op-edSenator Rick Scott wrote, “The fight for freedom in Cuba is far from over. On November 15th, the Cuban people on the island attempted to peacefully demonstrate in the streets of Cuba. The regime responded by mobilizing a repressive apparatus and instituted an island-wide state of siege to prevent demonstrations. The dictatorship’s state security apparatus was out in full force. However, in over sixty cities around the world Cubans gathered to denounce the brutality and oppression of the six decades of illegitimate, communist rule.



In the past four months, President Biden could have used this important time and the momentum both on the island and on the world stage to work on breaking through the regime’s information blockage and reconnect the Cuban people with critical access to internet and cellular service. Again, the administration failed.



The illegitimate Cuban regime is so comfortable with Biden’s failed leadership that the dictatorship’s Foreign Minister summoned diplomats in Havana to warn them that the Cuban regime would not tolerate the November 15th demonstrations. The message from the regime was clear: the international community better stand-down as we crack-down on demonstrators. With few exceptions, the international community continues to look the other way in the face of this blatant oppression, but Communist China is more than ready to take advantage of the opening. Last month, Cuba became the newest partner in Communist China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” which promises to upgrade the island’s energy infrastructure.



We need to be clear about what is really happening in Latin American when it comes to Communist China. General Secretary Xi knows that every dollar of the more than $140 billion the Chinese government has so far lent to nations in Latin America buys economic influence. And Communist China’s economic influence translates into electoral influence. This is gravely concerning given the Chinese government’s partnerships across Latin America, especially in large nations like Colombia and Brazil where Communist China has replaced the United States as the largest trading partner.



We cannot falter in this moment when clear-eyed American leadership in Latin America is desperately needed. That’s why I and Congressman Byron Donalds have introduced the Denying Earnings to the Military Oligarchy in Cuba and Restricting Activities of the Cuban Intelligence Apparatus (DEMOCRACIA) Act and I have joined Senator Marco Rubio to introduce the Protecting Against Tyrants by Restoring Internet Access and Yielding Vital Interconnectivity in Designated Areas (PATRIA Y VIDA) Act.



Ultimately, only democracy and freedom will protect the brave people of these nations from dangerous outside influence and the tyranny of continued communist rule. Until a new day of freedom is achieved, we cannot let up in our fight...”


Read the full op-ed in el Nuevo Herald HERE.