Sen. Rick Scott to President Biden: Taiwan Deserves Invitation to White House Democracy Summit

October 27, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott urged President Joe Biden to publicly invite Taiwan to participate in The Summit on Democracy, which is being convened by the White House and Department of State on December 9th and 10th, to discuss challenges and opportunities facing the world’s democracies. Senator Scott’s letter follows President Biden’s public statement committing to protect Taiwan in the event of an invasion by Communist China. Senator Scott continues to fight for his bill, the Taiwan Invasion Protection Act, to end America’s failed policy of strategic ambiguity.


Read the letter HERE or below.


October 27, 2021


The Honorable Joe Biden
White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500


Dear President Biden,


In December, you will host a virtual summit for leaders from government, civil society and the private sector to discuss challenges and opportunities facing the world’s democracies. I understand that the goal of this summit is to provide a platform for leaders to make both individual and collective commitments to defend democracy and human rights at home and abroad.


I have been incredibly outspoken about the threats posed to the United States and our fellow democratic nations by authoritarianism, rampant corruption and a total disregard for basic human rights displayed by Communist China and the illegitimate regimes currently in power in places like Cuba and Venezuela. Working with our global partners is critical to both fighting these evils and achieving our goal of freedom and liberty for all people. One of our most important partners in this fight is Taiwan.


Taiwan is an invaluable partner and a thriving multiparty democracy. After meetings with NATO and the European Union earlier this month, your own National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, said, “We see Taiwan as a vibrant economy, a vibrant democracy ... a place that we are very much focused on having a deep and lasting relationship with across multiple dimensions.” On March 10th, in a hearing before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Secretary of State Antony Blinken pledged that Taiwan would be invited to participate in the summit, noting that, “Taiwan is a strong democracy, a very strong technological power and a country that can contribute to the world.” And just last week in a televised town hall, when asked if you would vow to protect Taiwan in the event of an attack by Communist China, you said, “Yes, we have a commitment to do that.” Given these statements, I can’t imagine why the White House would not invite Taiwan to the democracy summit in December.


Meanwhile, Communist China is a single-party, communist authoritarian state with a ruler who is attempting to make himself president for life. The Communist Chinese government is guilty of genocide in Xinjiang, continued persecution of Tibetans, Christians and the demolition of democracy as we know it in Hong Kong. Its party leaders, including General Secretary Xi, engage in corrupt business deals and silence internal political rivals through imprisonment and forced disappearances.


Communist China has made its mission of world domination incredibly clear. It is building up its military at an astounding rate, building advanced hypersonic and nuclear weapons and in early October, nearly 150 Chinese military planes entered Taiwan’s air-defense zone and its ground forces staged mock amphibious landings. The aggressive action is designed to prevent the world from recognizing Taiwan as an independent country and intimidate its partners from coming to its defense.


I urge you to quickly and publicly invite Taiwan to participate in the December summit, and to the follow-up summit next year. And as Xi continues to threaten Taiwan, I urge you to take responsive action and back the passage of my bill, the Taiwan Invasion Prevention Act, to end the policy of strategic ambiguity and clearly show America’s commitment to the protection of Taiwan.


Taiwan is one of our most valued and strategic partners in the Asia-Pacific. It not only deserves a seat at the table during the December summit, but merits our full and unapologetic support in the face of Beijing’s continued attempts at intimidation and threats of takeover. Inviting Taiwan will show a strong commitment to freedom and democracy, and will serve as a stinging rebuke to Communist China’s aggression and disturbance of the peace.


Thank you for your consideration on this important topic, and with the summit just over one month away, I hope you act quickly.



Sen. Rick Scott