Sen. Rick Scott: Joe Biden is Pushing America off a Cliff

October 8, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released the below statement following the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ September Employment Situation Summary noting that U.S. job growth fell to its slowest pace of Joe Biden’s presidency.


Senator Rick Scott said, “Joe Biden and Democrats in Washington are pushing America off a cliff. Up in Washington, the inmates are running the asylum. Look at what Joe Biden is doing. We have 11 MILLION job openings in this country… there’s no excuse for the job numbers we are seeing from this administration outside of pure stupidity. Is anyone surprised that when you spend months paying able bodied adults more to stay home than go back to work that folks aren’t getting back on the job? NO. Is anyone shocked that when Biden pushes billions and billions of ‘free’ money to able-bodied adults that folks aren’t getting back to work? NO. Is anyone surprised that when the Biden administration chooses woke, left-wing radicals to run the government that Americans are scared to death of what the government is going to do to their taxes and constitutional rights? Of course not. Everything Joe Biden has done has led to more fear, less growth and fewer jobs. Joe Biden’s socialist agenda is killing the American Dream.”