Sen. Rick Scott: “Buy American” Puts American Interests First

January 25, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In 2020, the U.S. Senate passed Senator Rick Scott’s bipartisan “Buy American” resolution calling on all Americans to support American jobs and manufacturing and build our supply chain by purchasing American-made products, from any American manufacturer. Today, Senator Rick Scott offered his support of President Joe Biden’s “Buy American” executive order, which directs agencies to strengthen requirements for procuring goods and services from sources that will support U.S. businesses and workers.

Senator Rick Scott said, “Last year, the Senate passed my bipartisan resolution calling on families to buy American-made products whenever possible to help support American jobs and manufacturing, and build our supply chain. Now more than ever, Americans must remember that every time we buy a product ‘Made in China,’ we are putting another dollar into the pockets of Communist Chinese government leaders and their cronies who steal our jobs and our technology. It’s not always easy to buy American, but it’s an important step we can all take at home to ensure America remains a leader in the global economy and is self-reliant in our supply chain. Buying American is not partisan, and I’m glad to see President Biden join me in acting to put American interests first. I hope the Biden Administration’s foreign policy nominees will share this commitment to holding Communist China accountable and take aggressive action to confront the threat it poses to international security and American interests.”