Sen. Rick Scott Blasts Biden-Schumer Plan for $2 Billion Bailout for New York

January 15, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released the below statement following New York City and the State of New York $2 billion in additional FEMA emergency funding to address budget shortfalls caused by decades of fiscal mismanagement by the city and state. This move by President-elect Biden means that he plans to authorize the use of the FEMA fund which provides critical aid following hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and other natural disasters to irresponsibly bailout wasteful, liberal state and local governments.

Senator Rick Scott said, “For months, Democrats have been trying to get Congress to bailout wasteful, liberal states for their decades of mismanagement and excesses, and for months, I’ve been fighting to protect taxpayer dollars and make sure that doesn’t happen. Now, President-elect Biden and Senator Schumer aren’t even hiding the fact that they want to circumvent Congress and send billions to their friends Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo in New York. Congress has already allocated more than $4.5 trillion in taxpayer money to address the coronavirus crisis. States can moderate their economic harm through reasoned, balanced measures that protect citizens without destroying their economies. New York’s economy is still shut down, and its budget shortfalls are because De Blasio and Cuomo have continued to waste money and failed to prioritize their struggling constituents. It is irresponsible for Biden and Schumer to expect Florida and the rest of the country to pay for the failures of their friends in New York.”