Sen. Rick Scott: Temperatures Must be Checked Before Individuals are Allowed to Board Mass Transit

March 13, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released the following measures the federal government needs to implement immediately to keep Americans safe and healthy, including checking the temperature of every individual before they board mass transit. Yesterday, Senator Rick Scott introduced the Coronavirus Mobile Collection Site Act to expand access to Coronavirus testing by directing HHS to reimburse states for the costs incurred to setup and run as many mobile testing sites as possible.


Senator Scott is calling on the federal government to immediately take the following measures to protect families and healthcare workers:

  • Temperatures must be checked as part of a screening process before individuals can board mass transit, including planes and trains.
  • All students must have their temperatures checked as part of a screening process before school each day – if a student has a temperature, they will be required to stay home.
    • While it is possible that individuals with Coronavirus may be asymptomatic, this is an important step the government can take to prevent the spread of the virus.
  • Ramp up production of personal protective gear so healthcare workers have what they need to keep themselves and the American people safe.
  • Release a public service announcement every hour explaining what the American people need to be safe.
  • Implement a hotline for Americans to call if they believe they are experiencing symptoms and find out if they need to be tested, and if so, where the closest testing site is located.
  • Mobile, drive-up testing sites with workers fully-equipped in appropriate protective gear to collect samples for testing.
    • While waiting for test results, the individual would self-quarantine.
      • If negative for Coronavirus, the individual may continue self-quarantining as a precaution.
      • If positive for Coronavirus, the individual would be under quarantine. If hospital attention is needed, the individual may call 9-1-1 and be escorted to the hospital by workers fully-equipped in appropriate protective gear for medical attention. 


Read more in the Miami Herald article, Rick Scott wants federal government to pay for drive-thru coronavirus testing:

“…Scott — who is under self-quarantine for the virus after potential exposure — introduced the Coronavirus Mobile Collection Site Act on Thursday before the U.S. Senate adjourned for the weekend as states like Colorado and Washington are expanding coronavirus testing sites where patients can receive a test while sitting in their car.

Scott hopes to include the legislation as part of the coronavirus stimulus package that is being negotiated by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the White House. The House is expected to vote on the package on Friday, and the Senate could make additional changes to the bill before it heads to President Donald Trump’s desk for approval.

Scott’s legislation would ensure that states would be reimbursed by HHS for the costs of mobile testing sites. His office said mobile tests conducted while people sit in their cars would mean that fewer people will be exposed if someone tests positive for coronavirus.

Scott also wants to create a national hotline where Americans who believe they are experiencing coronavirus symptoms can find out if they need to be tested and where the nearest facility is located.”