Sen. Rick Scott to EU: Do More to Enforce Sanctions on Maduro Regime

February 4, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released the below statement following reports that Spain’s Transport Minister Jose Luis Abalos met with Maduro’s illegitimate vice-president, Delcy Rodriguez, in Spain this week. Members of Maduro’s ruthless regime are banned from entering the European Union (EU). During Senator Scott’s meeting with Interim President Juan Guaido on Saturday, Senator Scott discussed the need for the EU to do more to enforce sanctions against the Maduro regime.

Senator Rick Scott said, “I called on the EU to join the United States and do more to help the Venezuelan people, and I was encouraged when the EU joined as a partner in this worldwide fight against evil. But allowing a Maduro official to enter the EU shows they are not strongly enforcing their own sanctions. More must be done. If we are serious about helping the people of Venezuela and getting Maduro to step aside, the EU needs to do a better job of enforcing their sanctions. And Spain, as a member of the EU, needs to do their part and not allow members of its government to legitimize Maduro’s regime. People are dying. Europe, the United States and freedom-loving nations around the world need to do everything in our power to isolate Maduro in Venezuela and cut off the supply of money from Cuba to Caracas.”