Sen. Rick Scott Applauds President Trump’s Commitment to Protecting Everglades

February 10, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott applauded President Trump for including $250 million for Everglades Restoration in his Fiscal Year 2021 budget requests to Congress. This follows the letter Senator Scott and Senator Rubio sent to President Trump requesting the $250 million.


Senator Rick Scott said, “I applaud President Trump for working with the Florida delegation to commit to fight for $250 million in federal funding for Everglades restoration projects this year. This funding builds on the $200 million in construction funding for the South Florida Ecosystem Restoration we fought for and secured last year, as well as the $2 billion in state funding invested in restoring the Everglades throughout my time as Governor. Everglades restoration is critically important to the State of Florida and enjoys broad bipartisan support in Congress. I applaud the Administration’s commitment to protecting Florida’s natural treasures for generations to come.”