Sen. Rick Scott Applauds Pres. Trump Action to Restrict Travel to Cuba

June 4, 2019

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Rick Scott released the following statement after President Trump’s Administration announced new restrictions on U.S. travel to Cuba, banning many education and recreational trips.

Senator Rick Scott said, “Cuba continues to be the most powerful force propping up Nicolas Maduro as he starves and kills his own people. The Cuban Regime is a willing and active participant in Maduro’s genocide. The United States is right to take every action possible to cut off ties with Cuba. I applaud President Trump for taking this important step to restrict U.S. travel to Cuba. Money spent in Cuba goes directly to the Castro Regime and helps keep Maduro and his brutal regime in power. Limiting the flow of money to Cuba is critical to freeing Venezuela and protecting the national security of the United States.”