WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released the below statement following reports that President Biden will unveil his massive infrastructure plan next week, which could cost as much as $4 trillion in American taxpayer dollars and is expected to raise taxes on American families and businesses. President Biden has already broken his promise to not raise taxes on any family making under $400,000 by sneaking a tax hike on gig workers and the self-employed into his American Rescue Plan Act.

Senator Rick Scott said, “It looks like Biden and the Democrats’ massive and wasteful $1.9 trillion spending package this month was just a warm up. First they pushed through a ‘COVID’ bill that dedicated less than 10% of its funding to fighting COVID-19 and just 1% to vaccines – putting our nation on track to reach $30 trillion in debt. Now, they are floating another huge liberal monstrosity under the guise of infrastructure with a $4 trillion price tag. My first question: how can you possibly pay for this? Of course, the Democrats’ answer is needless and harmful tax increases on families and businesses. The Democrats lied when they promised they wouldn’t raise your taxes. They already did it in the last spending package and now they want to do it again. It’s the wrong approach. You can invest in things Americans care about, like infrastructure, but you have to focus on growing the economy. The playbook already exists, just look at Florida. Biden’s binge spending jeopardizes American jobs and the future of our nation, and it has to end.”