WASHINGTON, D.C.  – Yesterday, former Vice President Joe Biden made comments on China and their position in the world. Biden said “they’re not bad folks, folks … They’re not competition for us.” In response, Senator Rick Scott released the following statement:

“Vice President Biden seems to have lost touch with reality. His comments downplaying the threat China poses to our economic and national security interests were stunningly naïve and frankly dangerous. China is our greatest geopolitical threat. They are trying to beat us on the world stage.

“China is supporting Nicolas Maduro who is killing little kids in Venezuela. They are supporting genocide in our hemisphere. During my trip to Latin America last week, it was clear that China’s influence has spread deep into the Western Hemisphere and their economic and technological aggression has created intelligence issues and national security threats. We cannot ignore the threat any longer. Our leaders need to recognize China for what it is: our enemy.”