WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Rick Scott released the below statement today calling for his No Budget, No Pay bill to be included as part of any budget negotiations. Congress must pass a government funding bill by December 11 to avoid another government shutdown.


Senator Rick Scott said, “Washington is completely dysfunctional, and the unwillingness to work together has caused multiple government shutdowns. That’s unacceptable. As we consider this year’s spending bills, I’m calling on Congress to pass my ‘No Budget, No Pay’ bill, which simply says that if Congress cannot work together to fund the government, they should not be getting paid. Hardworking Americans across the country are still struggling to recover from the coronavirus. They don’t get to fail at their jobs and still collect a paycheck. Even members of the Coast Guard went without a paycheck during the last government shutdown. Washington politicians shouldn’t get paid if they can’t do their jobs.”