WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott announced that he will host a Hurricane Preparedness Conference in Orlando on June 17th to bring together federal, state, local and private-sector partners to discuss hurricane preparedness and recovery. Last week, Senator Scott traveled the state to promote hurricane preparedness ahead of the 2019 Hurricane Season, which officially began June 1st.

Senator Rick Scott said, “Florida sets the standard for hurricane preparedness, but there is always more we can do to protect our families and businesses. In business and as Governor, I learned that the best way to get something done was to get everyone in the same room and work toward a common purpose.

“I’m proud to host our first Hurricane Preparedness Conference, which will bring together partners from state, local, and federal government, as well as the private sector, to discuss ways we can work together to make sure our communities have everything they need to be safe before, during, and after a storm. As a member of the Homeland Security Committee, which has jurisdiction over FEMA and other emergency response agencies, I’m proud to bring federal partners to Florida to build relationships ahead of any future natural disasters.”

Additional details on the conference will be released in the coming weeks.