WASHINGTON, D.C. – Ahead of today's vote to support the major disaster relief package, Senator Rick Scott released the following statement urging Democrat Senators to put politics aside and join him to provide funding for the Florida Panhandle following the devastation from Hurricane Michael, and $600 million in relief funding for Puerto Rico.

Senator Rick Scott said, “In my short time in Congress, it’s clear that even the most important pieces of legislation get caught up in partisan fights. Now, we are seeing that happen with critical disaster relief funding. I won’t accept this. We are so close to securing funding to help Florida rebuild after the devastation of Hurricane Michael. And back in January, I introduced an amendment to ensure Puerto Rico has the resources they need to recover following Hurricane Maria, and I’m glad this funding is included. It’s time for Democrats to put the needs of American families above politics, and I’m urging every Senator to support this today.”