WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released a statement ahead of the House Oversight and Reform Committee’s meeting on Friday, February 12, during which members will consider allocating $350 billion in taxpayer funding to bail out wasteful, liberal states like New York, California and Illinois for their decades of financial mismanagement. The meeting comes as the State of Illinois announced that it was able to pay down more than $700 million in debt and reduce its overall budget shortfall by $2.5 billion thanks to a stronger economic performance than expected in 2020.

Senator Rick Scott said, “The Democrats just don’t know when to stop. First, California announced its 2020 revenues were so good that the state was putting more than $22 billion away in reserves. Now, Illinois is seeing similar good fortunes and has reduced its overall budget shortfall by $2.5 billion. But liberals in Washington can’t be bothered by the facts. House and Senate Democrats insist on moving forward with their radical plan to award wasteful bailouts for failed politicians in states like New York and California. Congress has already allocated more than $4.5 trillion to address this crisis, including roughly $400 billion for state and local governments. As more and more data makes clear, this bailout is nothing more than a liberal payback to governors who helped elect them. Democrats need to return to reality, remember their obligation to the American taxpayer, and stop using American tax dollars to backfill their friends’ mismanaged pensions and state budgets.”