WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released the following statement after a number of measures by the Biden Administration signal a much weaker approach when it comes to Communist China, including:

  • Rolling back the plan for the sale of TikTok’s American operations;
  • Tossing a proposed rule that would have required U.S. universities and K-12 schools with foreign exchange programs to disclose any financial ties or other connections to Chinese state-run Confucius Institutes;
  • Suspending an order blocking Chinese components in the U.S. power grid; and
  • Refusing to firmly commit to keep Huawei on the Department of Commerce’s “no-entity” list – an essential move for national security.


Senator Rick Scott said, “It is no secret that Communist China’s plan is world domination. The easier we go on Communist China, the quicker General Secretary Xi will swoop in and take advantage. President Biden’s moves to roll back actions taken under President Trump to hold Communist China accountable are reckless and show just how far he will go to appease the authoritarian regime. Failing to stand up to General Secretary Xi has absolutely devastating consequences for our national security and for that of our allies. We don’t need nice phone calls or another task force to study what’s going on with Communist China. We need to employ a proactive, aggressive and strategic approach to combat the Chinese threat – and that includes banning TikTok, cutting ties with Confucius Institutes at universities and schools, keeping Communist China out of our power grid, ending threats against our peaceful ally, Taiwan, keeping Huawei on the blacklist, and setting strong policy that shows the world where we stand.”