WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released the following statement after the United Nations Human Rights Council’s decision to include Nicolas Maduro, a murderous dictator, as a speaker during its 46th Session this week.


Senator Rick Scott said, “Time and time again I have called out the United Nations’ (UN) hypocrisy for allowing oppressive regimes like Cuba, Venezuela and Communist China to have a seat at a council that is supposed to stand for human rights. The UN has continuously given a platform to dictators like Nicolas Maduro, who jail dissidents, strip citizens of their basic rights and starve their own people. It’s time that the Biden Administration gets serious about our commitment to freedom and democracy and hold the UN accountable.


 “President Biden and Linda Thomas-Greenfield, his UN Ambassador nominee, must immediately call on to the UN to rescind Venezuela’s seat at the table and refuse to participate in any session that provides a platform to murderous dictators. They also need to rethink their decision to rejoin the disastrous UN Human Rights Council. All funding to the UN should be suspended until we can reassure American taxpayers that they are not funding an organization that turns a blind eye to the atrocities perpetrated by these regimes. Today, the Senate will vote on whether to proceed with Nominee Thomas-Greenfield’s confirmation. Should the Administration stay silent on this today, I urge my colleagues to strongly consider that cowardice as they vote. It’s time for the United States to unapologetically stand for human rights and hold all who don't fully accountable.”