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Write a Grant Proposal

Learn how to write grant proposals: Take the free online Foundation Center Proposal Writing Short Course, or see other tips and sample proposals at Grantspace's How Do I Write a Grant Proposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a federal grant?

A grant is a way the government funds your ideas and projects to provide public services and stimulate the economy. A grant is one of many different forms of federal financial assistance. Federal financial assistance is a broad term to refer to the various ways the U.S. government redistributes resources to eligible recipients. This assistance takes many forms, including direct funding, low-interest loans, surplus property, technical advice and assistance, and resources.

What is the difference between a federal grant and a federal appropriation?

A grant is a form of federal financial assistance provided to individuals and/or organizations from the U.S. government. A federal appropriation is an annual appropriations act or a permanent law, for federal agencies to make payments out of the Treasury for specified purposes. The formal federal spending process consists of two sequential steps: authorization and then appropriation.

How do I apply for a grant?

The eligibility and processes for grant applications vary with each federal grant. For assistance with a grant application, visit the Foundation Center Proposal Writing Short Course, or see other tips and sample proposals at Grantspace’s How Do I Write a Grant Proposal? Please note, our office only considers letter of support requests for federal grant programs.

Letter of Support Application

As a businessman, Senator Scott understands and appreciates innovation and hard work. Our office aims to assist you through the grants process.  To request letters of support for federal grants related projects, please apply using our online application, which can be accessed using the “Apply here” button below.  Please note, that letters of support are not automatically supplied to every requestor; each application is thoroughly and independently reviewed. Our office does not offer technical assistance for grant related services.

*To maintain eligibility for review, we ask that all applications are submitted at least 15 business days in advance of the grant application deadline. Please note, all applications submitted after this deadline are not guaranteed review for further consideration.