WASHINGTON, D.C. – In case you missed it, Senator Rick Scott wrote an op-ed for the Miami Herald urging President-elect Joe Biden to stand up for a free Cuba and Latin America by rejecting the appeasement policies of the Obama administration, which did nothing to advance freedom in Cuba.

In the op-ed, Senator Rick Scott wrote, “Cuban Americans in Florida and across the United States want to know: What is Joe Biden’s Cuba plan? Over the past four years, the United States has taken an unprecedented stand against murderous dictators and held oppressive regimes in Latin America and Cuba accountable for their threats to regional security and human-rights abuses. This month, the State Department took an important step by reinstating Cuba to the State Sponsors of Terrorism list — a step I have urged for years. Now, President-elect Biden must make clear that the United States will not return to appeasement policies that embolden the regime and hurt the Cuban people.

If the Biden administration were to go backward and again remove Cuba from the State Sponsors of Terrorism list, it would give a permission slip to the regime to continue supporting terrorists and murderous dictators in Latin America. We can’t allow this to happen. We already tried appeasement, and it did not work. It exacerbated the instability and the rise of dictatorships in Latin America. We must clearly show that the United States will not tolerate rogue nations that oppress their people and serve only to destabilize the region. If we want a fighting chance at eradicating terrorism in our hemisphere, Biden must stand strong and see the Cuba for what it is — a state that harbors terrorists.

Returning to the policies that did nothing to advance democracy for the people of Cuba would be a mistake and an insult to the Cuban Americans who risked their lives and left their families fleeing from the regime. Biden must choose freedom over oppression, learn from the failures of past appeasement policies and stand strong for democracy in Latin America.

Weakness toward Cuba now will cost precious lives and critical ground in this important fight.”

Read the full op-ed in the Miami Herald HERE.