conference in which he once again begged for a bailout from the federal government to fund his decade of fiscal mismanagement.

Senator Rick Scott said, “Today, Governor Cuomo came to DC to beg for a bailout from Florida taxpayers and 48 other states. The federal government has already provided more than $1 trillion in funding and loans to states and local governments to reimburse them for costs associated with the pandemic. This is a FACT. Congress will continue to do what is necessary to help our country recover. What we won’t do, as long as I am a member of the U.S. Senate, is use a health crisis and taxpayer money to bail out poorly-run states like Governor Cuomo’s New York.

“Governor Cuomo also continued pushing the donor state/taker state lie to distract from his failings as Governor. The amount of federal taxes paid and federal benefits received by taxpayers has absolutely nothing to do with the management of state budgets. Let’s follow the logic, or lack thereof – Is Governor Cuomo advocating for cuts to Medicare and Social Security while working to cut taxes for the wealthy in New York? That would be an odd position for the Democrat Party’s standard-bearer and dark-horse for the Democratic nomination for President to take.

“Another FACT – New York has 2 million fewer people than Florida, but their budget is nearly twice as big. Why? Reckless, irresponsible fiscal mismanagement.

“Governor Cuomo said my stand for fiscal responsibility and the respect I have for the taxpayer money of hard-working Floridians is ‘un-American.’ On the contrary, I think fighting to preserve a future for the next generations is the most American thing I can do.”