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Flags may be flown over the United States Capitol on any day of the year for special events, ceremonies, gifts, or celebrations of achievement. A certificate from our office will accompany flags flown over the Unites States Capitol as a record of the event. In order to efficiently process your request, please note the following instructions.

Step 1: Complete form above online.

Step 2: Print completed form

Step 3: Complete flag order on printed copy, including Total $ amount.

Step 4: Make check or money order payable to "Keeper of the Stationery."

Step 5: Address flag request to:

Flag Request

c/o U.S. Senator Rick Scott

716 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20510

Flag Order
Quantity Type Price Sub-total
3'x5' Nylon $32.80 $
3'x5' Cotton $33.80 $
4'x6' Nylon $36.80 $
5'x8' Nylon $45.80 $
5'x8' Cotton $46.80 $
Total $